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    FORM-3A (REVISED). (For Unexempted Establishment only). The Employee's Provident Fund Scheme, (Paragraph 35 & 42) and. THE EMPLOYEES. Fill Form 3a Revised, download blank or editable online. Sign Description of epf form 3a revised in excel format Fill epf form 3a revised pdf: Try Risk Free. Form 3 – A (Revised). (For unexempted Break in membershi p/reckonab le service. Rem arks. E.P.F.. R.P.F. Total. E.P.F.. R.P.F.. Total. Refund of advanc e. ( 1).

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    Pf Form 3a Revised Pdf

    I have 3a in excel form but i need the 3a Revised in excel format as i need to fill the. Revised in excel format as i need to fill the details of the emplyee and submit in pf foffice in Chnenai Revised pf form 19 for pf withdrawal - pdf download. ahh Haa I knew it TROLL HTC. SURROUND RULES HAHA Use your book as a diary, a journal, or a sketchbook. At the same time, insurers who sell policies. FORM 3A. A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, J, K, L. 1, FORM - 3A 31, November, , Col 3 +Col4 (c) has already been remitted in full in EPF A/c No 1 (Provident Fund.

    What is this higher EPS Pension news all about? How to make higher contributions to EPS, to get higher pension during your retirement? Should you opt for higher EPS contributions? Similarly, 8. But, the catch here is that there has been a wage ceiling limit for EPS contributions. If your current basic salary is say Rs 30, How much do you think would be deposited under EPS? Is it 8. Since , the ceiling limit is Rs 15, So, 8. So, the maximum contribution to EPS is Rs 1, a month 8. If you contribute to EPS for a minimum period of 10 years, you will get pension after 50 years early pension or after attaining 58 years of age. So, pension is paid out of the accumulated EPS fund.

    Form PF Department of the Treasury. Read More View Screenshots Download. Is a police certificate required? Please click on enquiry and complete the details required and provide the name of the form to be e- mailed to you. Membership is required for download.

    The current is highest at the point opposite the capacitor, and. Back to previous page. Verbinde dich mit Freunden, Familie und anderen Personen, die du kennst. Form 3a and 6a pf download yahoo. Erstelle ein Konto oder melde dich bei Facebook an.

    PF New Challan format- Form 3A

    They can be found on the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service website. TB pleural fluid PF was collected by therapeutic thoracentesis from tuberculous patients.

    How and where do I get one? In this tutorial you will learn what to do if you forgot your password in Yahoo. Furnished for transfer of PF accumulations to the bank account of Trust.

    Gross sales price for all assets on line 6a.

    Should you still encounter problems to obtain the desired forms, you may request the form to be sent to your e- mail. PF return - whether we still submit 3A or 6A or not? With background selection or classic sweeps alone Fig 6A and 6B. In a coalescent framework, the model takes the form 1 where u x is. P f form 19 download pf withdrawal form 19 10c pdf. Jeden Tag gibt es mehr zu entdecken. It only takes the current results and displays result. Note: 1 In respect of the Form 3A sent to the Regional office during the course of the currency period for the purpose of final settlement of the accounts of the members who had left service Note: 2 If there is no period of NCS, the word " NIL" to be mentioned against the total column.

    On June 6,, Amalgamated and Yahoo filed with the Delaware. Nachrichten, E- Mails und die Suche sind nur der Anfang. Pf closure forms sle filled. The compensation package included three forms of equity award: a. Local Requests Applicants should apply for a Bulletin no.

    Teile Fotos und Videos,. Download pf form 10c in english provident fund pfepf form Yahoo wants to kill passwords. Download CAclubindia App. The applicant should have completed eighteen years of age as on 1st. Is it possible that epfo will credit to the wrong account without checking other details or they will block amount at epfo level or they will return to my previous employer. I received the following message on my mobile:. Member ID: I have applied for PF transfer form 13 on Please clarify where it would have went wrong?

    All your comments really helped me a lot in transferring my PF from old organization EPFO registered to new organization Maintaining own trust. This account is not at all mine. Please advise if this amount will be transfered to my new PF account or sent to a wrong account by some fraud. So, you mean to say EPF has transferred money to its internal account and would transfer that again back to my new PF account is it? You are doing a great job, Keep it up. I was having PF account with my first organization Year and I have not transferred or withdraw money.

    Please suggest what need to be done in order to transfer the money. My ex employer has already send annexure K to PF office Pune and they had already given me teh proof with the courrier tracking number.

    Thne after I had raised a grievance back to PF office pune, but they say the same answer, no annexure K recieved. Dont know what to do can some one guide me with the directions please. I am trying to transfer my PF from previous to present oraganization. Sir I my previous employer approved my claim transfer. Status showing you previous employer approved claim request. How much time will take for transfer. Manas-You can withdraw without your employer.

    It seems that my previous organization has passed wrong data to the RPFC. Please support. This is very bad service and taking too much time than expected. It was better to withdraw the amount than to stuck in the transfer claim process. What guarantee you give that withdrawal will be fast but not transfer?

    What is your withdrawal took more than transfer? You have to wait, otherwise raise the compliant with EPFO. Current organisation and previous organization PF teams simply ignoring my requests. What should I do? My question is do they PF trust — previous employer credit the interest every year though it is not transferred to my current account? I transfered my PF from previous organization to current. I applied for an online PF Transfer claim recently, and it successfully got processed.

    KRP Settle Amount: I want to know what is the account number mentioned in the message. Hi , same SMS received here as well.

    It was a transfer claim.

    Download All EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND(pf/epf/epfo)forms and instructions here

    I left my first employer on March which is almost an year ago,until now i never raised PF transfer or withdrawal request and the account number mentioned does not belong to me.

    Pls advise. Pls share the url for submitting complaints and international EPFO customer care number. Hi I submit form 13 through OTCP and my previous employer approved the claim but my present employer not accepting my OTCP form 13 copy he saying submit to the pf office what should I do in this case and how much time it will be take after approved by previous employer.

    Tarun-Which employer you selected for approval while filling request? If you selected earlier employer, then no need of your current employer approval. Sir, i have worked 10 years with company,now due to some emergency i want to withdraw my pension,how much pension amount will i get,please let me know. Form 13 has been approved. This status is coming from more than 1 month. How much time it will take to get the payment processed?

    Priyanka-It usually takes around 30 days. Bcz there was concern raised by PF office about my date of joining. But when i raiised a grievance about updatting the PF Balance they replied that have not recieved any response from my Previous employer. They still in You attach the response of what you received from your previous employer and reply to complaint. They are not accepting the xerox or scanned copies of the letter. I dont know what to do know? EPFO has withdrawn the cheque and they have original annexure K.

    Can you please suggest what to do know. Ayushi-It is internal transfer. It will reflect in your passbook once they update on yearly base. I applied online to transfer my EPF through current employer. The employer can reject the claim after 15 days due to non-receipt of signed copy. If you have not submitted signed copy to employer, please do so immediately.

    Now what do I have to do? Do I have to submit signed copy of form13 to my previous employer also? After this again i need to raise a new transfer request from one company to Current company.

    This request am raising from the same user id which i used for the 1st transfer request. Shall i create another user id and then create a new transfer request? I created another user id and tried with claim transfer. Still am getting same error. Please help me in transferring the epf account. I had filed the claim and it was successful. The entire page is blank except this.

    Has anyone faced similar issue and how to resolve this. Sent mail to helpdesk, but no reply since 10 days.

    My previous employer had not approve the claim and 15 day is over. Do i need to again initiate the process? Previous Employer approved my claim form no. I had initiated the online epf transfer process in November I have sent mail to previous employee but no response from them. What I needs to do. I also had the similar case, raise a complaint with EPFO, they will assign your request to a officer. Once the officer calls to your previous employer they will do it immediately.

    And thanks Basavaraj Sir, your advise is very helpful. Plesae Try again, please suggest how to proceed , should i try raising it again as from my current employer i got a mail to submit the forms by Jan 22 else rejection also might happen please suggest.

    Just initiated a transfer. It said successful but claim status shows no entry. I guess I need to print and submit the form, but the printable form is not seen any where on the portal. Have sent a mail to: DO they respond? Any other mean to contact the EPF office? Hi Satyendra, I have also faced the same issue. In case you get a solution, do let me know please. Hi Am also faced the same problem. I called to the mentioned no in pf portal but nobody picks the call. Even i am facing the same issue, after submitting it does the status, its blank.

    Is there some process missing while I requested for online epf transfer. I submitted the transfer claim but getting error. Again I filled the form then I got the message the records are present in our database. How I can pdf? I have initiated PF Transfer online in the month of July , below is the current status, it has been like this since august How long will it take for the transfer to complete? Or do i need to take any action. I am also getting the same issue mentioned by you.

    Did you get any solution for same. Please let me know. Hi, I tried filing my transfer claim and came across the same issue. After initiating online pf transfer request I got the error: And there is no record showing in Claim Status screen. Also called them on and got the response it will be rectified in working days.

    Mean while I got an email from my previous employer that they received my online pf transfer claim and I have to submit signed copy with them by Jan 22nd Otherwise they would reject my claim.

    Now my query is if my claim is rejected due to above mentioned issue. Will I be eligible to resubmit the claim or I would never be allowed to claim again and my pf money would go in govt account.

    You will be allowed to raise the request once gain. If they not, then you have a proof to show of what went wrong. After applying claim transfer online, not able to view the actual transfer form. It is giving below warning message:. The attempted Request for Transfer of Account already exists on the system. I am also facing the same problem.

    I tried to transfer and after clicking submit cannot find my pf transfer form in check your claim status page. When I try to resubmit it getting a message the already a claim is available for same PF number. I have written a mail to epfindia mentioning the details of the problem but not sure how long it will take to resolve.

    Is there any other way to raise the issue with EPFO. Please help. I filled up form for transferring fund and form successfully submitted. Now how to print form 13? Gaurav-I am not sure of what went wrong. Check later and if you not able to see, then raise the complaint. Hi How many online transfer i can apply at a time. Actually i have to transfer PF from 2 previous employer to the current employer.

    Is it possible concurrently or I have to wait for one transfer to complete and then invoke the 2nd. Actually I am getting error from the portal for the 2nd transfer that the request is already exist.

    XYZ approved for payment through Cheque. So I had requested for a transfer, but here they are saying the payment will be done through cheque. I am a bit confused as to will I get the payment, or my current employer will get the payment? Same for me also. Can you please clarify whether it will still be sent through cheque or online transaction which could be faster. Any idea how long it will take if its through cheque if transaction between Pune and bangalore?

    Thanks for your guidance. I had raised the complaint and got response that transfer is already done on Jan and same amount is reflected when i checked the UAN statement. But the status remains same in the Claim portal as processing. While doing Transfer, I see some interest shown till Mar in the statement, but could not get correct calculation which should have been for two months only Apr-May I stayed in April -May in my previous company in this financial year and from June in new company.

    Please let me know when is the interest credited for the financial year in the PF accounts. I am not able to get correct calculation for interest. Pls help me on that. Please let me know how it will be done. Can you also please guide me when a PF transfer is for a opening balance in a previous PF account, the interest will be calculated only with the available closing balance during transfer and not including future months in that financial year which should be done in the new PF account after FY year end?

    Please clarify. I had followed exactly same way of calculation to arrive at interest earned for each month with only 3. So Wat is the next step to be taken …It will be transferred or I need to go and report some where ilse.

    Only Employee and Employer share has been credited. Please let me know what should I do in this case. I also has the same concern and raised the request with EPFO. I came to know that only length of service is transferred for the Pension. Actual amount is not transferred. Hope this will clear your doubt. Recently i changed my company few months back, when trying to do PF amount transfer from previous employer, found that there was mistake in date of birth.

    Is it Ok to go ahead for online transfer or should i get it edited by contacting previous employer? If so, any idea how long it can take this process in Bangalore EPF? Basavaraj-Better you correct it and then transfer. I am not sure of how many days it will take to correct.

    My name is Chaitanya. My Current Status is: What if i left the employment with current employer? What will be the status? Where do i start in the next company where i am going to join? Chaitanya-No need to worry. When you join the new company, you provide the existing EPF number. The same will continue. Thanks a lot for the reply. But every company has their own EPF Account number. Please re-direct me if i went in a wrong perception.

    Chaitanya-EPF account is employee based. Also, you can retain the same EPF account even if you change employer. But I can not see in PF statement the amount settled.

    How much time it will take? Hi Sir, I have applied with my previous employer to transfer the account to present employer. But the status on website shows below: Claim Form Submitted. Claim Form Pending at Previous Employer. They too said that they have checked with PF office also, its processed from their end too. Pls advise what will be the problem and how to go about it???

    Please let me know should I raised a Grievance? If yes, then I need to raise Grievance with present employer or previous employer? Can you please guide me how to proceed on this? Hi Basavaraj: I raised a grievance at EPFO bangalore that my previous employer is not approving my online claim. I got a response from EPFO , they have not recieved any claim request for transfer of EPS to Hyderabad from my employer and they have closed the greivance.

    Santosh-You raise again stating the earlier complaint reference and transfer request reference number. Mention that your earlier employer is not co-operating. Hence, you are raising the issue. They just not ready to take initiative. I got my claim approved from my previous and present employer know. I think one i should submit to trust to previous employer and other to present employer for EPS transfer at regional EPF office. As per the EPFO site, the transfer claim has been settled and credited to the new account.

    But still I am not able to see the new account in the UAN portal, it shows only the previous employer details. How long will it take for the new account to get linked with the UAN portal? Or do I need to do anything specific for the same? Hi There I raised PF transfer request few weeks back and it mistakenly got rejected.

    I raised a grievance to get the details, further which I received a call from EPFO office admitting their mistake. I was advised by EPFO to raise the transfer request again. I have submitted my on line claim form on 10 july but it is still showing pending at the previous employer side.

    What should I do or the place where I can place a complaint against this. Thanks for the advice, but pension amount was not transferred in my new account where as rest of the amount is transferred through online transfer process.

    What is the process of transferring the pension amount to the new account. I have initiated PF transfer in Sept. The transfer was approved by present employer in Sept only. Now the status shown is: I have applied for PF withdrawal 5 months in chennai , before but I have still not received the fund , so I want it to transfer the PF to my new account is there a chance to transfer the claim.

    I also received a message recently from EPFO regarding a transfer claim through form However, recently I filled the form 11 and my present employer linked the EPF account. It appears there has been an auto transfer claim created and transfer is being made automatically. Neither of my employers knows the details of the transfer. I have filed for online transfer claim, and it has been approved by both employers. What time will it take to update in passbook.

    Both side approved on dated It is already more than one month. I have switched job. I had have an UAN number which was generated by my previous employer. But when I was applying for an online transfer I came to know that my name provided by my current organisation is wrong they have added an extra title. After that I have brought this to the management notice and they have send a letter and form 13 along with the dully filled physical transfer form.

    It has almost been two months and I have not seen any progress on this. I also want to update my mobile number for the EPFO it can be done through this link http: Will the same mobile number will be reflected on http: Sir Do provide you valuable information. Saket-It usually takes around 30 days of time to transfer. Regarding name change, approach it through your current employer. Sir what purpose does form 13 serve. I have requested my current employer to get my name rectified.

    I am trying to fill form This fields are not getting auto populated and also this fields are mandatory. Please help me to get out of this. Thanks Muhammadali. I have confirmed the DOB submitted by his earlier employer and by us. Both are same. I have worked 2 company and joined 3rd company recently. My 2nd company created UAN for me. Now I want to add my new employer, but still my 2nd company shows as my current employer. Please suggest how to add new employer and map new employer with UAN.

    If our claim gets rejected and we get to know the reason Can we not raised another request for the claim after doing correction? I am not able to so it. Please let me know where to raise the complaint for this system error.

    Please help me. Jayakarthic-It is some procedure error. Earlier whether you applied for transfer? Because of PF rules as mentioned like that withdraw PF amount without tax after 5 yrs….

    How do raise the complaint trough online…. Is there any availability Customer care mail id or Phones…..

    Balamurugan-1 It is regular continued account than the new account. They consider the contributory period. Form 13 transfer claim id: TNMAS rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch please advice. I want to transfer my PF to new organisation. My date of leaving from previous organisation is 30 Sept , while date of joining to present organisation is 27 Sept due to technical record. Can my PF be transfered. When I download passbook from UAN website, it says: Please advice what to do.

    I have submitted my online transfer claim on 13th September to my Previous Employer. But after submitting the claim while taking print-out of my form to be send to my previous employer, I found some error on my form and I have not yet send the form to my previous employer and asked them to reject my claim, so that I can initiate a new claim.

    So far after asking them so many times they are not rejecting my claim and I am stuck as I cannot start a new claim till then.

    Basically I want them to reject it and I will start a new claim and this time submit the form to my current employer. If it is processed then let it be. If rejected, then raise the request after the corrections. Could you please let me know how long this process will be completed and when I will get the Pf amount to be transferred to my new PF account number. This will be very helpful for me.

    I also got the same status and there was no update for over a month. I asked them if the Annexure-K has been sent to my employer.

    Also asked a copy of annexure-K on my email. I got a reply in 20 days saying that they have uploaded the annexure K on the portal and employer should be able to see it.

    They emailed a copy to me also. Raise a grievance with your previous RPFC. Ask them for the check date, check number and annexure -k 2. Check if they see the annexure-k on portal 3. Once you receive the document from RPFC, forward it to employer for further processing. My claim request has been received by EPFO through my previous employer as on I have filled all the online form of epfo member claims site.

    Now, i am stuck at the option of claims attestation through. From Past 2. Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process. Hi, I have total 3 PF accounts including present. How to solve this? Hi, I have left previous company without notice on I have previous company pF number, if i am linking with My current company UAN then this is telling to submit in physiacl form. For detailed procedure, contact the officials.

    My transfer request is pending with previous employer for so long. I was opted present employer for attestation while filing online submission of the claim. Please suggest me what I should do, to whom I should contact to get this request processed. I raised complaint on 7-dec through http: If PF Transfer is rejected by previous employer due to mismatch in data, what are the next steps? Can we resubmit the request online and do all the process again?

    Thank you so much. I have just asked my previous employer for reason for rejection. Should I wait for their response or can i resubmit again because I know what went wrong: Hi, I have submitted my PF Transfer online 6 months back, still the amount is not transferred and below is the status.

    I have recently changed my job and provided my UAN to the new employer. My questions are: How long it will take to map UAN with my new PF account mapping request has already been raised by the new employer? After completion of UAN mapping, my pf will be transferred automatically from old account to new account or I need to raise pf transfer request through OTCP portal? My case is same like Pam. My question is that how much time it would take to reflect the amount into my new PF account.

    Where I can see next status? I can see 2 PDfs now in Form 13 section which I have taken print and submitted with employeer. Normally how manydays takes for transfer? I have similar status. Will passbook also be updated accordingly post transfer? Thanks for your reply. Please Suggest. I have raised the issue on EPFO portal and got the below mentioned reply. Please let me know what should I do now. Hi Basavraj, I have applied online pf transfer to previous company to new company almost 8 months back.

    I have got the below status. Now it is saying it is rejected but after that rejection msg on mobile again I got one more msg from EPFO saying your epf transfer in progress. I changed my job about 4 months back. Last week, I applied for online transfer of pf account.

    I have two issues. I have changed my signature. My current signature does not tally with the old one. However, all my relevant documents bear my current signature. What should I do. I noticed this error only after submitting it online. Do I submit the form 13 pdf document to my current employee for approval or wait for 15 days for the claim to get rejected. If the claim is rejected, can I re-apply again online for transfer withdrawal.

    Vishal-1 If they raise the issue of signature change, then declaration from your end is enough. Please throw some information on this. I have intiated PF transfer online.

    Then any action I have to perform? My PF transfer form is approved by both previous and current employer. After that I got a new PDF document in the online status. It has instructions section, that says the form has to be submitted to the PF office.

    Do I need to submit the form physically to PF office? I left the organisation without serving notice period in October I am doing my own Business and now I wish to withdraw my PF. Sir what does this mean as I have not withdrawn my PF. Sir Kindly assist me so that I can get my PF. Sir I am not employed with any of the Company since Oct Saket-It shows that your account is idle for more than 3 years without any contribution. Hence, better to withdraw. As this is inoperative account and idle for more than 3 years, you will not get any interest on this amount.

    Hence, apply for withdrawal. Sir, sorry to disturb you but I have one last query i. Saket-You no need to get the approval of old company. The same is explained in our Forum. How can I track the status online? Divya-In my view there is no such time frame set. However, it will not take that much time.

    If it is mapped then your EPF number will be the old one. I withdrawn my EPF from my previous company before that I made a transfer request as well but since it was taking much time so later on I withdrawn it.

    XXXX approved for payment through cheque. Since then, there is no update and my new account is not reflecting thee total amount.

    The PF transfer was done manually. However, The amount has not been received in my new pf account number which is Bandra. On contacting Bandra PF office yesterday.

    They stated that may be the annexure K is missing which needs to be sent from Chennai office. Either it was not sent from Chennai office which i think is not true 2. It got lost somewhere in thee way while sending by post. Please let me know how can I check my entire PF balance.

    My claim is approved by previous and present employer on 05th June Navajith-It is hard to say so. But wait for few more days, if not settled, then raise issue with EPFO. I have changed the Job and initiated the online PF transfer around 3 month back. From last 2 month , Below are the status showing on portal. Can you please help me here and suggest me what should I do? I am paying for Pension contribution for long time, I was worked with multiple organization in those organization I withdrawn the PF amount while reliving from the organization, in that I have not got Pension contribution amount.

    How can I include the old pension contribution to the current UAN?

    PDFfiller. On-line PDF form Filler, Editor, Type on PDF, Fill, Print, Email, Fax and Export

    What is the formalities to add, Can I request online or is any hard copy request to be given, If yes can you provide the hard copy request form? If not then better to withdraw now. I changed jobs and tried to do online of transfer. I got a message that a claim already exists, though, I cannot see any claim under view claim status. On 3rd Nov, I got a message that form 13 has been received and on 6th Nov I got a message that the amount is approved for cheque payment.

    Nor have I submitted any documents. I am worried if this is a fraud happening on my account. Please let me know of any information that you know about this. Ajith-If it is transfer then where comes the fraud? Also, check with your current employer about any information they relieved on the same. I had submitted signed copy to employer day I completed online transfer 22nd October, Current employer can approve Transfer request any time correct? Any reason for rejecting the transfer request , No need to go back to Previous employer right as it is already verified by Previous employer.

    Padmavati-It is procedural delay of getting digital signature of employer. Hence, if the delay persists, then request for physical format of transfer. I have a problem with previous employer and hence I cannot go to previous employer. So for Physical format of Transfer no need to go to Previous employer right as Previous employer verification done in my case.

    Now both previous employer and present employer approved my transfer claim. How long it would take to complete rest of procedure from EPFO. Still there is any action needed from my previous employer? So I understand PF Transfer has completed.

    I tried to check my PF Balance with new Account. Kindly let me know what is the frequency of PASS book updates. Please provide me more details. Check the same once again with your employer. Payment under process and my present company is maintaining trust and will check the be issued on Trust name?

    If so how many days will it take for clearance of the check. I recently initiated by PF transfer. I have a doubt on the EPS transfer. How can I track it? Also, I have another doubt. Can you help from where I can check the status? My transfer claim is approved by my present employer, but its been rejected by my previous employer. Is it necessary to get approved by both employees to complete the transfer process?

    I have relieved from the services without completing the service period due to health reasons.. When i joined in a new job i have applied for transfer and it is been rejected by them. Mahe-No need to worry. Take the help of your current employer and write a letter to EPFO and submit the physical transfer mode than the online.

    In that, mention that due to the said reasons last employer not approving the request. Hence, submitting the transfer through physical mode. I have applied for online transferring of my past PF amount to my new PF account. Do i have to submit the hardcopy to my previous employer again or the next steps will happen automatically.

    I have claimed my pf and had not marked for the field through cheque but directly to my account. Though I got approved from my previous employer. What will be the next procedure I need to do? Status of Transfer Claims: What is this status mean? What is the next Procedure?? Do I still need to wait?? Hi even i am seeing the following status Current Status: It has more than a month that both the employers have approved claims but amount is not credited yet.

    Is your issue resolved. I have not initiated any transfer request for my PF account: MSG 2: Since I have not initiated any transfer claims, why am I getting these messages? I checked my account and no transfer claims are shown in my online account. Should I be worried? Shubham-It may be due to your new job change and providing UAN with new employer. If you not changed the job recently, then raise the issue with EPFO. Pf settlement claim id: XXXX member account no: XXXX approved through cheque.

    Rammohan-If you not provided the bank details then they send cheque to your address. I am not sure of how many days it will take. Thanks for doing such a good job of handling anxious questions and doubts and I too have some. Following is the Claim Transfer Status as of now:. Where this cheque will be dispatched?

    Chetan-1 It is internal transfer. Basavaraj Tonagatti. For me also the same situation. As per my understanding the amount will be directly get credited into my present account right?

    Kindly let me know the meaning of below PF status. I have been waiting for my PF withdrawal amount since 1 month. Please help me out how to proceed with this. I have applied for pf transfer through online, where i did not give any bank account number I even got the same message from EPFO.

    I have applied for online transfer of the PF amount from my previous account to present account and it was approved my present employer and showing as pending at previous employer.

    I have submitted a signed copy of the form 13 with present employer and would like to know do I need to submit the claim form with previous employer in order to get the transfer claim approved. Ravindra-Not required. If it got delayed then contact your previous employer for the same or lodge complaint with EPFO.

    I have applied for PF transfer few months back. Kindly submit physical claim. Please help me to know how I transfer my PF. I have recently submitted online pf transfer form 13, but only after submission i realised i had entered the exit date of my previous employer wrongly. It is possible to correct that in the hard copy that has to be sent to the previous employer. Please advise on the same. Sir, Iam yet to send the hardcopy of the form13 to my previous employer.

    So can i correct that in the hardcopy and proceed. Indu-In my view, let it be. Because what you do if they reject such handwritten corrected copies? Above current status is from last 20 days. I am confused whether my current employer has approved claim form or not.

    What is the meaning of my current status then. When will my amount get transferred in new PF account. View Status of Transfer Claims: Mahammad-Your current employer will not receive the amount. It will be transferred to your existing EPf and will show in your passbook during next update. I am not how long do I have to wait to get the amount back. Is that really necessary to contact them as I think it should be done at their end without any follow up?

    I tried to raise an online request for PF transfer and after filling the details i get the following message at the bottom of the screen. Please submit it physically to the Employer. Thanks you sir, But I could not see the amount in column diverted to pension fund it shows 0. Can you please help and let me know what I should do now. What is the process once both the employers approve the online PF claims, does the EPFO contact the ex employer through a letter etc.

    Neha-Wait and watch. I went through all the posts, and I am also facing the same issue regarding the internal transfer of my PF amount to some trustee SBI account. I understand it is an internal transfer. My query is regarding my PF transfer. I have raised an request for PF transfer on But in these meanwhile time i.

    Can you pls advise on this. Last point: How and Where Can I Check whether transfer is succesful. Hi, I have submitted my transfer claim in april, through previous employer. What does it mean? In my previous establishment and current establishment date of birth mismatch found, so current employer was unable to transfer the claim in the current one.

    Request you to help me in this regards as there is no status update. My previous establishment was with Thane and current one is with Vashi. Mayank-Change the date of birth mismatch through your current employer. Once it is updated then go for transfer.

    Let your current employer give UAN. Later on it will be useful to transfer the fund. Dear Basvaraj, My current employer asked me to do changes in DoB from the previous employer. Current employer denied to help me further. But I have checked with my current establishement that they dont maintained any account with the SBI bank. Could you please advice. I am worried. Sandip-This issue was raised by many.

    I feel it is internal transfer rather than transferring to your or employer bank accounts. My PF transfer request is under Status: I have raised complaint in grievance management system on behalf of current employer. They replied as transfer in request not recieved to this office till date. Could you please tell me how to proceed further. Whom should i contact now. As it is already approved by the previous and current employers so who will be responsible now?

    Whom should i contact?. I did this in EPFO grievance.

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